Stop the war!

Stop the war in Ukraine! Fuck putin!

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There is a fund to support the Ukrainian Army:, and there is a special bank account that accepts funds in multiple currencies: I donated to them. Please donate if you can!

Killer putin

Killer putin. Source:

Arrested putin

"It hasn't happened yet, but it will happen sooner or later. Beautiful photo, isn't it?" Source: twitter.

Jigsaw puzzle animation

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I love interesting games and puzzles. Among them are jigsaw puzzles. The biggest one I’ve assembled so far consists of 3000 pieces. Under the cut is my stop-motion animation of the assembly process. Note: the file is 1.5 MB!

Animation was made with imagemagick. I had to make the file’s resolution so small, otherwise it would take much more space.

Of course, 3000 pieces is a trifle. It would be great fun to assemble a puzzle of 24 thousand or even 32 thousand pieces!